Merrill Lynch Bonus Scandal Exposes Inefficacy of US Media

My hat is off to AFP for bringing this news of American ethics abuse nearly THREE FULL WEEKS before the US Newsrooms got a hold of it.


Way to go Frenchies.

It seems that the first article that Google indexed on the $3.6 billion in (TARP funded) bonuses paid out to Merrill Lynch employees was published by none other than the Agence France-Presse. Merrill Lynch paid out nearly 22 times as much as AIG did and yet until now avoided almost any of the damning feedback AIG has experienced recently.  My hat is off to AFP for bringing this news of American taxpayer abuse before even a mention in the illustrious New York Times.  Has American reporting really slipped this much since Woodward & Bernstein took down Nixon? Continue reading “Merrill Lynch Bonus Scandal Exposes Inefficacy of US Media”

Phone Call to the Fourteenth Century

Your mission:

Impart as much useful knowledge as you can to a resident of the 14th century, in one minute — GO!

The Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast

Sergio’s White Hot Top 5

Sergio CilliSergio Cilli does something remarkable- he makes me lol everytime I watch video of him.

“Sergio’s White Hot Top 5” is more about entertainment than music videos, though you do get exposed to a few bands in the process.  SWHT5 is a recurring segment on InfoMania and can be seen via podcast or on Current_TV (you prbably get this new and amazing channel and don’t even know it).  While you are at it, be sure to look at Ben Hoffman’s “Tech Report” for additional lol-age.

Thank you Al Gore, for helping to create the most groundbreaking new TV network since the inception of MTV.

DEA to end medical marijuana raids

DEA to end medical marijuana raids
Holder confirms states to have final say on use of drug for pain control
By Alex Johnson
updated 2:42 p.m. PT, Fri., Feb. 27, 2009

Blackwater Agent Carries Out DEA Raid
Blackwater Agent Carries Out DEA Raid

Supporters of programs to provide legal marijuana to patients with painful medical conditions are celebrating Attorney General Eric Holder’s statement this week that the Drug Enforcement Administration would end its raids on state-approved marijuana dispensaries. Continue reading “DEA to end medical marijuana raids”

Tooth Fairy Economics

Tooth Fairy Economics

originally posted at Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty

Tooth Fairy Economics
By Tom Woods

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So the “stimulus” package, a dagger through the heart of the economy, has passed. The geniuses who govern us, who insist that seizing the produce of the voluntary economy and devoting it to arbitrary projects will make us wealthy, have had their victory.

Much of the debate turned, unfortunately, on how much “pork” was in the bill. This or that spending program was silly or an obvious waste of money, critics said. All too true, of course, but unless we’re looking to be hired by the Titanic’s Department of Deck Chair Rearrangement Continue reading “Tooth Fairy Economics”