Obama’s Achilles Heel: Banksters in the White House

I like President Obama.  My opinion is that he is an honest politician, with good intentions- a rare thing.  The appointees for his cabinet however, made me groan out loud.  The longer certain members of Barack’s staff are allowed to continue whispering into his ear, the greater the potential for disillusionment amongst the Hope Movement.  In a groundbreaking interview on PBS’ ‘Bill Moyer’s Journal’, Author and former S & L watchdog William Black discusses the ugly truth about the financial crisis and those within the Obama administration who have taken an active roll in ‘managing‘ the aftermath.  I invite you to watch the interview below, if you think you can handle the truth…My advice?  If you love Obama, then fight to have these crooks removed from his team. Continue reading “Obama’s Achilles Heel: Banksters in the White House”


Merrill Lynch Bonus Scandal Exposes Inefficacy of US Media

My hat is off to AFP for bringing this news of American ethics abuse nearly THREE FULL WEEKS before the US Newsrooms got a hold of it.

Way to go Frenchies.

It seems that the first article that Google indexed on the $3.6 billion in (TARP funded) bonuses paid out to Merrill Lynch employees was published by none other than the Agence France-Presse. Merrill Lynch paid out nearly 22 times as much as AIG did and yet until now avoided almost any of the damning feedback AIG has experienced recently.  My hat is off to AFP for bringing this news of American taxpayer abuse before even a mention in the illustrious New York Times.  Has American reporting really slipped this much since Woodward & Bernstein took down Nixon? Continue reading “Merrill Lynch Bonus Scandal Exposes Inefficacy of US Media”

“The Holocaust Is Over: We Must Rise from its Ashes”

Former Speaker of the Israeli Parliament Avraham Burg: “The Holocaust Is Over: We Must Rise from its Ashes”

Recently I had a conversation with a Jewish friend who told me that she was tired of the assumption that all Jews support Israeli foreign policy, particularly the recent massacre in the Gaza Strip.  It had never occurred to me, even after several of my own altercations with pro-Zionist internet bullies, that a special brand of contempt awaits Jewish Americans who speak out against Israel.  I’m sure this interview will be of some comfort to all those who have crossed paths with the rabid Zionist apologists, Jewish or otherwise.  What a breath of fresh air Mr. Burg is…

Burgweb Avraham Burg is a former Speaker of the Israeli Parliament and former Chairman of the Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organization. His new book is called The Holocaust Is Over: We Must Rise from its Ashes.  This is a transscript from his compelling interview on the excellent daily news broadcast, ‘Democracy Now!‘.

To watch the interview click here.  As a critic of Israeli foreign policy I’m no stranger to accusations of anti-semitism.  I’d love to see that tried with Mr. Burg…

Continue reading ““The Holocaust Is Over: We Must Rise from its Ashes””

Change You Can…Huh?

Well, though I voted for neither Bush or Obama, I have been rooting for the Democrat controlled congress and white house to really look different from the previous and infamous eight years.

What we have seen so far…looks more Republican than Democrat.

Can someone please explain to me why, despite having a comfortable margin in the Senate, that the Republicans seem to still be calling the shots?

The Stimulus Bill, which I grudgingly supported back when it had populist measures such as executive salary caps, incentives for American goods and help for the clueless American auto industry has been gutted to just look like another gift to the Corporatocracy.

Couple that with the free ride all of this is getting from Corporate media pundits and my belief in Obama’s promised change has become very faint.

Kucinich Moves to Impeach Bush 35 Times Over

By now it’s difficult to find Bush supporters and easy to find Bush haters. Here’s the latest news that the NY Times found unfit to print-

Last night rep. Dennis Kucinich showed the courage of a true patriot when he brought 35 articles of impeachment up against our infamous President. There were so many details in the charges that it took 5 hours for Kucinich to complete the process. Rep. Wexler from Florida has co-sponsored the brave move. Any citizen who daydreams of King George’s removal should take 5 minutes out of their day TODAY to write/call their representative to urge support for impeachment.

If you don’t know how to do that, click here. (it’s easy)

Impeachment will ensure that the Bush crime family are held accountable for their actions, an opportunity that could be lost with a simple pardon from the next administration.