I live a pretty loose lifestyle. I plan some things but leave a lot of time to be creative or social. I’m an information whore. I’ll turn off my laptop to go to sleep and immediately start looking something up on my iPhone. Somewhere inside there’s a strong pull to try and put together the big picture.

I grew up listening to my mother’s talk radio shows, which exposed me to political ideas at an early age.  I regularly discussed serious issues with my mom.  I wrote for the school paper, I watched the X Files and listened to Art Bell at night.  I was fascinated by what I could not initially see, by what was hidden just beneath the surface.

Hurricane Katrina changed my life forever, as in a few shocking weeks everything I thought I knew about our society came to a grinding halt.  I knew I had been taught lies about what the Federal government was and what it really offered We the People.

I began to fill myself with any information I could in a quest for the truth.  I questioned everything and my conclusions left only one possibility- I had to get involved any way I could to push back against a system that was no longer operating in a way that was a benefit to average Americans.

Sure, we had stability in a relative sense, but were we thriving even as much as our grandparents did?

I don’t think so.

My path has led me through many battles, ending in both victory and defeat.  I’ve learned what one man can do to make a difference in the world, even with scant few material resources.  It is possible for one man to make his mark and help defeat an oppressive system.

It’s what I’m doing with my life.


Washington for Accountable Government – Executive Director – Founder

March Against Monsanto (Seattle) – Co-organizer


(2009-2012) Tenth Amendment Center – Created and/or Co-designed: Tenther Radio, Nullify Now!, TAC State Chapter network, TAC volunteer network, Tenther Pledge

(2012) Downsize DC – Social Media

(2011) Occupy Seattle – Interviews, coverage featured on Infowars Nightly News w Alex Jones

(2011-2012) The Liberty Voice – Editor, Columnist

(2007-2008) Ron Paul Letters to Iowa – Head Organizer


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