One of the Most Concise Descriptions of MDs I’ve Ever Read

The more I read, the more I research and discover the horrifying conflicts of interest in our medical system, the more I’m inclined to agree with perspectives like that listed below. IMO, one of the most dangerous aspects to American culture is the free pass given to our Western medical system. Questioning vaccines or questioning the systems of incentives present in allopathic medicine is a really quick path to being labeled a “quack” or a “nut”. I can’t think of any other element of our culture or economy that enjoys the shelter from accountability that Western medicine does.

When you stop and actually look into it, the chilling reality of the medical empire established by the Rockefellers and other masterminds of this system is not buried deeply. This is a system that cannot survive under scrutiny, but then again few people are prepared to admit that they have been buying into a swindle all of their lives…

The article below is a response to a simple question:

Why Don’t Medical Doctors Go On Strike?


“It is almost unheard of for doctors to go on strike. In every rich western country, doctors are one of the most cosseted, overpaid, over-privileged groups in the entire community. They have nothing to strike for.

The reason? Doctors’ medical associations do the dirty work for them. Medical associations deliberately limit the number of doctors that are licenced, even allowing for the maintenance of standards. The artificial shortage of doctors, the long training they have to do, and their promise to obey the rules set by the pharmaceutical companies, mean that those who are allowed entry to the exclusive club are richly rewarded.

The pharmaceutical industry is only too happy to support this state of affairs. They want tight control of licenced suppliers of their products (licenced drug pushers) to maximise profits all round in the club.

There are a few doctors out there who have integrity. They entered the profession because they are genuinely interested in healing and caring for their patients rather than enjoying the wealth and prestige of the profession. My best wishes go out to such caring doctors.”


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