One of the Most Concise Descriptions of MDs I’ve Ever Read

The more I read, the more I research and discover the horrifying conflicts of interest in our medical system, the more I’m inclined to agree with perspectives like that listed below. IMO, one of the most dangerous aspects to American culture is the free pass given to Continue reading “One of the Most Concise Descriptions of MDs I’ve Ever Read”


Why Do Pro-Vaxxers Keep Claiming Their Side of The Vaccine Debate is the Only Scientific One?

I’ve been chuckling to myself, with a tint of sadness, at the number of intelligent people I know who seem to become absolutely mindless when the vaccine debate comes up.  One of the most common comments from these otherwise sharp thinkers is that “it’s all settled science / 99% of scientists agree / anyone who questions vaccine info from the gov is an anti-vax nut job”.

So what if I told you there actually WAS science behind the other side Continue reading “Why Do Pro-Vaxxers Keep Claiming Their Side of The Vaccine Debate is the Only Scientific One?”

Viva La Shutdown: Statists Panic, Others Celebrate

There are people at Mother Jones who I respect.  There are journalists there asking some tough questions about our Federal Government.

Tim Murphy is not one of those.  Here’s his fear-mongering list that was supposed to freak me out until I demanded resumption of funding for our central government.  I’ve copied his 48 points and added relevant information that causes me to feel quite the opposite. Continue reading “Viva La Shutdown: Statists Panic, Others Celebrate”

There’s a Way to Fix It

What’s amazing is that there’s a way to fix it.  To fix all of it- in a very short period of time.

I’m talking about condensing humankind in ways that are so distorted, the vast majority of the world’s treasure and power are now held in the top 5% of all human beings.  The top one percent controls 40% of everything.  It’s true, the number of people who rule over your existence are really that few.


It’s also true that they could not have done it without you.

Here is an approach we could use to change it all.  It doesn’t matter, because you won’t do it.  Your neighbor won’t and probably a significant portion of your immediate family would think you were crazy for even talking about it.

Instead, most of us give the current system our consent.

We vote with our dollars, every day.  We vote for the very evil corporations’ that we say we want to see disappear.  We enable their very existence through our direct action.

Your individual direct action is likely to constitute the most power you’ll hold in this lifetime.

What if tomorrow you & your local community:

  • Began to spend every dollar you could, regardless of the price point, on goods that produced within 100 miles, complemented by a larger network from other regions.  This would likely involve re-use and repair instead of buying new imported goods.
  • Innovated the manufacture our own electronic devices locally.  With something called a 3D printer, plastic objects could be manufactured as needed locally, instead of traveling across the Pacific.  Open source projects such as Ubuntu already allow outdated laptops to become new again.  In this way, old devices can be reborn instead of thrown out.
  • Produced as much food as we could, using our yard space and trading it with local mobile apps.  Right now only 2% of our population is involved with producing food and most areas are capable of local micro-farming.
  • Created a local currency to further trade in this new local economy, which also has the benefit of protecting your savings from losing value via inflation.

We don’t have to figure out or understand the mess at the top if we start at the bottom and work up from there.  These concepts are based on some simple economic facts-

  • More things produced locally means more local jobs
  • The more local jobs there are, the less money goes to ‘evil corporations’
  • The large globalist consumer schemes that are wreaking havoc on our bank accounts, the integrity of our government and the earth’s natural resources can only exist if you participate

Where we spend our dollars determines the future- if only we could all practice this and give ourselves what we want- better jobs, economic stability and communities of neighbors that know each other, instead of just driving past each other each day.

If we could set our beautiful Pacific Northwest on this course- it could all improve so quickly…

Diversity Lies at the Heart of the Tenth Amendment Movement

Diversity is absolutely the heart and soul of the Tenth Amendment movement. People seem to really like the idea of a political

Grow Freedom Not Government
Grow Freedom Not Government

camp that includes ALL of the diverse, minority groups that stand to gain from the protection of the 10th Amendment.

An alliance that puts gun rights people along side of gay marriage groups, abortion activists, supporters of marijuana legalization and constitutional scholars is an alliance showing the kind of diversity that this nation was founded to serve.

Who were the first Americans if not members of a diverse collection of minorities, cultural and philosophical misfits who were tired of central planners deciding their fate?
June 11, 2009
Bryce Shonka

Obama’s Achilles Heel: Banksters in the White House

I like President Obama.  My opinion is that he is an honest politician, with good intentions- a rare thing.  The appointees for his cabinet however, made me groan out loud.  The longer certain members of Barack’s staff are allowed to continue whispering into his ear, the greater the potential for disillusionment amongst the Hope Movement.  In a groundbreaking interview on PBS’ ‘Bill Moyer’s Journal’, Author and former S & L watchdog William Black discusses the ugly truth about the financial crisis and those within the Obama administration who have taken an active roll in ‘managing‘ the aftermath.  I invite you to watch the interview below, if you think you can handle the truth…My advice?  If you love Obama, then fight to have these crooks removed from his team. Continue reading “Obama’s Achilles Heel: Banksters in the White House”